Hollywood Event Producer Nicole Merritt Partners with Former Disney Executive Sgt. Major Keith L. Craig to Connect Emerging Brands With New Media, forming The Craig + Merritt Group

Top Photo: Reality Start Kym Whitley arrives at the IGNITE: A Fire Luxury Gifting Lounge celebrating the 2024 Oscar Awards. Botton (L-R): Nicole Merritt and Stg. Major Keith L. Craig.

Super Producer Nicole Merritt announces her partnership with respected multi-hyphenate, Philanthropist, and Media Investor Sgt. Major Keith L. Craig to continue a long legacy of event production and realize her greatest works in Hollywood! The announcement of this collaboration comes on the heels of her major production of Ignite! A Fire Gifting Lounge at a swanky boutique hotel in Santa Monica this past Oscar season.

Merritt, who for more than a decade designed and executed celebrity parties and gifting lounges for the late Hollywood Impresario and renowned Publicist Doris Bergman, has recently garnered the ultimate recognition and value in the industry. Prior to her work in the industry, she was a revered Strategic Communications Executive.

Merritt garnered respect as the owner of both a PR/Media and IT Consulting firm and by providing strategy for television programming and feature films. Two years ago, she was appointed Director of Acquisitions for Porter Craig Film and Media Distribution in Beverly Hills, CA.  After catching the eye of Producer, Philanthropist, and Investment Executive Keith L. Craig and taking him on as a client nearly five years ago, she not only heightened her visibility but, expanded the vision for her future in Hollywood.

Craig, a former combat hero now known as “Sgt. Major” Craig has transitioned from his decorated military career to the entertainment industry. His notable contributions include work on major studio releases such as Disney’s Oscar-winning Coco, The Lion King, Marvel’s Black Panther, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Thor: Ragnarok.

Craig is the Co-Founder and CEO of Porter + Craig Film and Media Distribution in Beverly Hills, California, and has established strong partnerships with leading companies such as Escala Entertainment, Maverick Post-Production Studios in Mumbai, India, and many more across the globe. Notably, he played a pivotal role in Disney’s industry record-breaking $3.7 billion domestic sales in 2019 while serving as the Theatrical Sales and Distribution Manager for their Central Division.

Craig is a National Member of the Television Academy, and he proudly beckons industry leaders and influencers to support his charge to provide a diverse environment for filmmakers, producers, actors, and scoring professionals to scale their expertise and be recognized for their dedication to their bodies of work.  In celebration of the 2024 Primetime Emmys, Craig + Merritt + Co. present SURGE: A Symbiotic Day Soiree. The date is TBA.

Through The Craig + Merritt Group, they intend to provide opportunities for luxury, AI-savvy, and unique brands that understand the value of investing in collaboration with ambassadors and the relevance of new media marketing (film, TV, and VOD) via exclusive partnerships and product placement. With the creation of celebrity/charity ambassadorships, they will contribute to mental health programs designed for veterans and enlisted military personnel through the Military Heroes, Meet Heroes Foundation, of which Merritt is the President.

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